Thread Line

North Alabama Pipe offers Thread Line machines with automatic positioning and minimal operator input technology for a safer more efficient work environment.

Make-On Machine

Makes on 1" - 2" fittings with no operator adjustments

  • Makes on fittings 1" - 2" with no operator adjustment
  • Hydraulic power for smooth operation
  • Clamp system automatically adjusts for each pipe size
  • Fitting clamp clamps all 1" - 2" fittings including couplings and reducers
  • Switch control to easily change between cast, ductile and malleable fittings
  • Reverse setting for safe fitting removal

Small Cut Machine

Complete cutting system for 1/2" - 2" pipe utilizing a cold saw

  • Bar code and CSV capabilities to input cut lengths for auto feed operation
  • Zero flood coolant cold cut operation
  • Steel pipe size range 1/2" - 2"
  • Auto positioning feeds pipe to the cut position
  • Touch screen for operator input

NAP Threader

Coming soon...