Groover Equipment and Accessories help to create an efficient and effective fabrication solution. The Lift & Turn is designed with a hydraulic system that makes moving and leveling pipe effortless. Roll Groovers provide an alternative to welded or threaded pipe.

Lift & Turn

Hydraulic system to lift pipe for grooving various diameters

  • Hydraulic system can be adjusted to any height in its 12" vertical travel
  • Fully extended positions allow pipe rotation for grooving both ends of the pipe at one groover
  • 4' long V-Tray with ball transfers allows the pipe to be slid or rotated easily
  • Unit is controlled by a remote low voltage switch
  • Up to 12" vertical height adjustment

Roll Groovers

Roll groovers are the perfect solution for large, non-threaded pipes. Easily transported for field application, this equipment is necessary on the jobsite and in the shop