Quick Chuck

Quick Chuck
More Welds Per Shift

Better Ground For Plasma and Welder

Works for 1 1/4 - 8 Inch Pipe

No more walking 50 feet to unchuck each pipe for unloading. Simply move the pipe using the "unload" button on the position control. Then unclamp the pipe using the "Clamp" switch, and unload the pipe. Use the "Home" switch on the position control and you are ready to load the new pipe.

NAP has also built in a wiper and cable system to provide a ground thru the clamp jaws. The improved system will provide more consistant welds.

Works on 1 1/4 - 8 inch pipe. The base jaws will work with 1-1/4 -5 inch pipe, schedule 5 thru schedule 40. A bolt on jaw extender works with 6in and 8in pipe.

A Trade-in Program involves NAP shipping you a new Quick Chuck pipe car in a reuseable crate. You remove the Quick Chuck Pipe Car from the crate, put the old Index pipe car in the crate and ship it back to NAP. Installation of the new Quick Chuck pipe car should take no longer than 2 hours.

Quick Chuck

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