Quick Cut Machine

The “Quick Cut” machine applies the fast and clean cutting of the air plasma system to pipe cut off. The machine consists of a heavy duty frame, power head to rotate the pipe, torch holder on measuring track, and heavy rollers to move the pipe.

The system is designed to cut pipe 2” to 8” up to 25’ long in one revolution using the same plasma system used on the hole cutter. Cutting time is 7 seconds for 4” SK-10, 16 seconds for 4” SK-40. Bent pipe is not a problem for this system as the torch holder will rise and fall with the bend.

The power head has urethane rollers to drive the pipe, a pneumatic clamp down roller, variable speed drive and automatic start circuit to rotate the pipe when the torch starts cutting.

The torch holder positions the hand plasma and is mounted on a trolley that travels the length of the machine. The trolley has a window with pointer mounted above a measuring tape which allows simple, quick, and accurate measurement.

The heavy rollers behind the cutting area allow easy longitudinal movement of pipe.

The machine is of modular construction for ease of shipment. The 6’ 6” sections are dowel pinned and are easily assembled and bolted together.

Quick Cutf

Quick Cutf

Quick Cutf

Quick Cutf

Quick Cut

The "Quick Cut" like the "Hole System" utilizes the advantages of air plasma cutting on 1 1/4" to 10" main piping.

The "Quick Cut" is made of heave duty modular construction and provides a measuring system to mark and cut the pipe. The pipe is positioned, cut to length, holes are cut with the "Hole System", and the outlet can be tack welded in place without ever having to move the pipe. The "Quick Cut" method is superior to roller cutters, band saws and abrasives with its ability to make fast burr free cuts, even on bent pipe. The "Quick Cut" is a rugged cutting table assembly which automatically rotates the pipe while the plasma torch cuts it to length.

This machine also has a "Big Brother" that cuts up to 24" Pipe.

Key Benefits

A 4"light wall pipe is cut to length in 7 seconds.

Production cuts up through 8" diameter pipe.

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